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              "Entertainment Tonight's" Body Language and Communication Expert

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LA Talk Radio's"  On Air Psychologist
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"Dr. Michelle's psychological talk show, "On The Couch With Dr. Michelle," offers helpful information to listeners and gives them encouragement and positive support with self esteem, stress, fears, relationships, workplace and other problems. She also offers insights into the breakthroughs in therapy, including positive psychotherapy, mindfulness and relationship guidance. Her straight-forward, insightful and sometimes light-hearted approach about our world from a psychological view, and interviews with fascinating experts and celebrity guests has received recognition from TALKER'S magazine and listeners around the world."  - LATalkRadio                                                                                                         
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                                "KEARTH 101's" Recurrent Morning News Broadcaster

      Michelle "Roth" Cohen continues to broadcast news and information (for 12 years) on KEARTH's morning show 



             Dr. Cohen's "Understanding Body Language" viral video series is now part of the L.A. County Government's Professional Training Program, "Body Language Can Save Lives"


           Replay or download Dr. Michelle's interviews with these inspirational guests on LA Talk Radio: 


                    Mindy Audlin - Author, "What If It All Goes Right?"
                Burt Goldman - Creator & Author, "Quantum Jumping" 
               Dr. Brenda Shoshanna - Author, "The 7 Principles of Peace of Mind"
                Dr. Gillian Holloway - Author, "The Complete Dream Book"                       
Greg Sain, Author, "Woof, Woof, Real Talk For Women About Men."
                    Ali Bierman, Author, "Romance Killers - The Top 7 Mistakes That Doom Relationships" 
                 Beverly Flaxington, Author, "Make Your Shift - The 5 Most Powerful Moves You 
                                                                                      Can Make To Get Where YOU Want To Go"


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