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"Allowing ourselves to be open to personal insights and releasing old painful patterns of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem helps pave the way to a journey towards the joy and success we all deserve, and have always had within us."  -  Michelle Cohen, Ph.D.
Relationships, Communication, Stress Management, Depression, Self Esteem
Dr. Michelle Cohen 
Welcome to my psychological website. 
For the past 17 years, I have been helping individuals, companies, couples and families, in the Los Angeles area, to create healthier, happier and more successful lives.
 Sometimes we all need a trained psychologist to encourage us to understand why we feel the way we do and to give us the insight about why we keep repeating negative or harmful patterns of thoughts and behaviors in our personal lives and in the workplace. How we feel inside is what we project onto others on the outside. Whether it is in office or workplace settings, relationships or families, we may need to allow ourselves to unlock old or recent unresolved trauma and hurtful feelings, to begin the journey towards healing. We can then start to gain insight about our feelings.
This can help us work through, and slowly release, our ongoing fears, stress, low self- esteem, depression and pain. With self- understanding comes clarification and the possibility of  forgiveness towards ourselves and others. Freeing ourselves and others from constant blame is giant step towards healing and allowing ourselves more peaceful lives.
  Understanding that we all have unresolved problems helps us become the "observer," where we can learn how to objectively view ourselves and others.
We can then slowly change our continual negative thoughts and assumptions that may have been imprinted in our minds from others who hurt us in the past. This can also spark the awareness to better understand our conflicts and feelings towards our partners, co-workers, caregivers, family members and others. When we begin to learn the tools to express ourselves in a healthy way, we have better communication with, and empathy towards, others. We then learn that the only thing we can change in the world is our own thoughts, feelings and actions, which can be humbling and empowering at the same time. Without insight, the positive futures we seek will never be "in our sight."
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